Celery Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Celery has long been a staple of many recipes. It is often diced and found in a variety of salads. Of course, it is also found in many restaurants that serve chicken wings, what with celery having a flavor that mixes in well with those wings. But celery is more than just something that can be thick while adding a bit of texture to a recipe. It can also be one of the healthiest vegetables that you could ever have. The positives that come with celery make it a necessity for your daily life.

Nutrition Facts

The nutritional properties of celery make it an ideal food to have in your daily life. These facts are based off of one singular stalk that is about seven to eight inches in length:

  • An average stalk will contain about 10 calories at the most.
  • This contains just about no fats. It only has about 0.1 grams of fat on average.
  • A small amount of fiber can be found in a celery stalk as well. About 0.5 grams of fiber are found in each stalk.
  • Trace amounts of vitamins A and C can be found in celery.
  • A stalk also contains around 100 mg of potassium.

Keep Cholesterol Down

One real positive of potassium is that it is helps you to reduce cholesterol levels. This is thanks to 3-n-butylphthalide, a prominent compound that assists in reducing the lipid totals within your body. This helps to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in your body. This is the form of cholesterol that can cause your body to develop clogged arteries.


This also assists in regulating lipid metabolism, a process where fats are naturally burned off. It assists in triggering natural functions within the body that allow you to burn off fats in a proper way. This in turn gives you a bit of extra control over how you are able to burn off weight

Manage Inflammation

Inflammation around your body can keep your blood from flowing as well as it should. It may also cause your joints and other parts of your body to feel stiff and harder to move. But with celery, you will keep inflammation from being a risk to your life. Celery helps you by offering polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants. These assist in clearing out the free radicals that are produced within your body via oxidative stress.


At least ten different types of antioxidants have been found in celery. By clearing out those free radicals, your body will be capable of producing healthy cells while also suffering from less stress altogether. This ensures that your body will stay healthy and at less of a risk of serious harm over time.

Improve Your Liver

There is also the advantage of how celery helps with protecting your liver. As you consume celery on a regular basis, your liver will start to process the fats that it builds up. As the fats are cleared out of the liver, that key organ will get back into its normal routine of removing old toxins that have to be cleared.

Manage Infections

Various kinds of infections can develop around all the body. This is especially the case with many immune system-related concerns like colds. Celery as anti-microbial properties that help with keeping the growth of bacteria that causes such infections from developing. As a result, you will be at less of a risk of developing serious problems relating to infections when you consume celery regularly.


In fact, celery especially does well with preventing urinary tract infections from developing. It does this by reducing the overall production of uric acid. It also encourages the natural urination process in the body. This keeps the urinary tract healthy as there will be less of a risk of backup or other concerns around this part of the body. The risk of cysts around this part of the body will also be heavily reduced.

May Help With Reducing a Cancer Risk

One major positive of celery is that it may help you with keeping your risk for developing various cancers from occurring. Celery can help you by controlling how cells in your body are formed. This comes from the assistance of polyacetylenes, compounds that protect cells. These help to keep your body healthy by reducing the risk of cancerous cells being formed. It regulates how various cells are formed in your body, thus ensuring that your risk of serious health-related issues can be reduced.


Some studies in the past have found that celery can especially do well with reducing the threats of breast cancer, leukemia and intestinal cancer. While this is obviously not intended to be a full replacement of other treatment options, this can at least be used as part of a healthy diet to make traditional treatments a little more efficient and useful for your body. This can make a true difference when you are aiming to keep your body healthy and at less of a risk of serious harm.

Prevent Ulcers

The last positive of celery is that it can help you to reduce the risk of ulcers in your body. Celery has ethanol extracts that assist in protecting the linings around your digestive tract. This keeps ulcers from being at risk of formation. It restores the gastric mucus that is needed to keep this part of the body protected and healthy. That mucus particularly helps with covering and securing a number of surfaces around the gastric system so holes and tears will be fixed up.


This allows the body to stay healthy and protected against a number of common threats like pains from excess acids moving into more parts of the body than what you can afford to handle. Celery is certainly an ideal food to have in your daily life. Take a look at how well it can work for your body and see how it can do more than just work as something appealing to add in a salad or on the side of something else you enjoy.

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