Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Coriander Powder In Your Diet

Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Coriander Powder In Your Diet

Coriander powder is popularly used in a variety of cuisines around the world. It is widely used in India, however, the powder is used to make delicious delicacies in the US and Mexico.

Apart from the flavor and aroma it provides to a wide assortment of dishes, the organic powder also offers numerous health benefits.

Coriander Seeds on a table

Coriander has long been used as a medicinal herb as well. People have used it for treating different types of skin disorders and inflammation and it is known that coriander can effectively treat smallpox, diarrhea, blood sugar abnormalities, indigestion, and anemia.

This herb is known as ‘Dhania’ in India and ‘Cilantro’ in the Americas. The herb is also excessively used as a delicious condiment in several cuisines and is also used as a decorative component in different food items.

Coriander Powder Nutrition

The use of the herbal powder for preparing food is known. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not known to many people, the herbal powder packs a power punch consisting of several vital nutrients that provide a huge range of health benefits.

There are a total of 11 incredible and healthy components in coriander powder along with essential oils. Moreover, the coriander also contains 6 essential acids. One of them is ascorbic acid, which is also referred to as vitamin C. On top of that, coriander also consists of vitamin A and other amazing properties.

Coriander Powder withs seeds around it

7 Health Benefits Of Coriander Seed Powder

1. Inflammation Treatment

Coriander seed powder comprises of Cineole. This vital enzyme makes up one of the essential oils in the powder. Moreover, the herbal powder also contains linoleic acid. Both these nutrients combined provide fast acting antiarthritic as well as antirheumatic properties.

These components considerably minimize swelling, which is a direct symptom of the aforementioned disorder. The seed powder can also be used for treating a variety of different swelling conditions, for example, the swelling caused by renal complication or blood regulation abnormalities.

2. Can Be Used As Treatment For Various Skin Disorders

Skin Rashes are treatable with coriander

One of the most powerful coriander powder benefits is you can use it to keep the skin fresh, detoxified and hydrated. The organic seed powder has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help treat skin disorders, such as fungal infections, excessive dryness and eczema.

3. Minimizes LDL (Bad Cholesterol) In Your Body

Coriander powder contains several acids that can help regulate your good cholesterol and minimize the damage caused by bad cholesterol. Some of the acids found in coriander include oleic acid, ascorbic acid (which is also known as vitamin C), linoleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid.

All these essential acids significantly reduce the total LDL count in the body, cleaning the lymphatic system and removing bad cholesterol from the inner linings of your gut. They also help keep your veins and arteries clean and cholesterol free, which in turn helps keep the heart healthy.

LDL and HDL Cholesterol

You can use coriander to reduce your risk of developing symptoms associated with debilitating cardiovascular complications, such as heart disease, heart attacks and strokes caused by clogged arteries.

4. Good For Treating Diarrhea

Coriander powder contains Linalool and Borneol. Both these enzymes significantly enhance your metabolism, speeding up your digestive system.

On top of that, the powder can also help increase the functionality of the liver, reducing the uncomfortable effects of diarrhea. Coriander is also used for treating diarrhea caused by fungal and microbial bacteria.

This is primarily because coriander contains a string of anti-bacterial components, such as Alpha-pinene, Borneol, Beta-phelandrene, Cineole and Limonene.

Man on Toilet sitting

Coriander powder is also popularly used as an effective component for treating motion sickness, stomach complications and vomiting. The herbal powder contains powerful bioactive enzymes. Moreover, eating organically grown coriander leaves can help your tummy brace itself for a large meal.

5. Helps Control Blood Pressure

Eating coriander seed powder provides relief from blood pressure complications as well as hypertension.

The calcium in the herbal powder effective interacts with Cholinergic (a neuro-enzyme found in the central nervous system), completely relaxing any issue in your blood vessels, which in turn significantly lowers the risk of a handful of cardiovascular complication, which include high blood pressure and stroke.

6. Helps Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers

Coriander powder also contains powerful antiseptic properties. Coriander seed powder contains Citronelol, which is an essential oil. Moreover, there are a bunch of other anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties in the powder that can help cuts, ulcers and wounds inside the mouth from becoming infectious.

Treats Mouth Ulcers

Plus, the powder can also improve your health. Although coriander isn't use in a particular wide range of products, it is, however, used in 100% organic toothpastes. The component is mainly used as it has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

7. Treating Anemia

Coriander powder contains a lot of iron, making it an essential item for people suffering from anemia. Iron deficiency in the blood can result in several health complications, including shortness of breath and organ failure. The iron content as well as other beneficial compounds in the powder can help increase the iron count in your blood.

How To Make Coriander Powder

The powder is simple to make. All you need is a good food processor. The total prep and overall time is 20 minutes.


  • Coriander seeds – 2 cups (pick the seeds yourself to ensure you don’t get any stones with the product)

Making The Powder

  • Take a baking dish and spread the seeds. Allow the seeds to completely dry under the sun for 1 or 2 days.
  • If you don’t want to dry them, you can slightly roast them in a pan. Switch the heat when they turn brownish
  • W​hen they are cool, take your food processor or grinder and grind the seeds.
  • Stop when the seeds become fine powder.

Bottom Line

So, there you go, all the reasons why you should incorporate coriander in your daily diet.

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