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Black Eyed Peas Indian Recipe: A Traditional Taste with Powerful Organic Spices

Black eyed peas are popular around the world and are served up hundreds of different ways. You may be familiar with “black eyed peas and cornbread” or their part in “soul food” in the southern

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Best Pho Bowl Recipe with Organic Spices: Make it Yourself for a Healthier Meal

Pho is a delicious dish that has recently been gaining popularity across the world because it is both filling and healthy. Although there are increasingly more Vietnamese restaurants that serve streaming

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Naan vs. Roti: Main Differences and Our Favorite Naan Bread Recipe

If you’ve had awesome Indian food including naan bread and a roti, some differences are easy to spot. Others, though, are not so obvious. Both are forms of traditional Indian flat bread, though, and

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Ghee in Coffee: Organic Options to Spice Up Your Morning Coffee

Heavy cream and sugar, low-fat milk and organic sweetener, piping hot and black, with a dash of cinnamon—there are hundreds of ways to take your coffee. One you may not have heard of is with a big ole

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Green Tea Face Mask: DIY Recipe that Makes a Great Gift

Green tea has tons of health benefits when we drink it, but people often overlook its benefits when applied directly to the skin. Make no mistake, though, because green tea powder’s powerful antioxidants

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Collagen Face Mask: Make Your Own At-Home with Organic Ingredients

You can talk about facial masks and even collagen facial masks, but collagen itself is the secret to youthful, glowing skin. You hear fancy cosmetic brands use the term all the time, but what exactly is

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Cardamom Substitute in Baking: Organic Healthy Options

Cardamom is a popular spice used in all types of food and beverages, but one of its most popular uses is in baking, especially sweets. The cardamom plant is part of the ginger family and carries a similar

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Coriander Replacement Options for Curries and Stir-Fries

Coriander is a delicious, zesty herb that is often found in Mexican and Indian dishes but is used in cuisine all over the world. It is one of the most common ingredients in most curries and stir-fry dishes.

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Ajwain Benefits for Your Body Inside and Out

Ajwain, also known as carom seeds, can be found in many households and is often used in Indian cooking as well as holistic medicine. It can be bought as ajwain water, ajwain oil, ajwain powder, ajwain

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Thalipeeth - A Pancake Made Of Rice And Gram Flour

Thalipeeth Origins, Health Benefits, and Organic Recipe

Sabudana thalipeeth, or just talipeeth, is a type of savory pancake that is often consumed for breakfast or a snack in western India. It is made with a variety of grains and vegetables, making it

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How to Make Poori with Organic Wheat Flour

Poori is a simple, unleavened bread that is easy and quick to make. It requires few ingredients and takes much less time to make than yeast bread which require proofing and long rest times. Poori can be

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Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora Made with Authentic Ingredients

As the year begins to wane, New Year's resolutions are on a lot of people's minds. One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to be more active and to eat healthier—we basically want to improve

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Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki: Why We Love this Healthy Hearty Appetizer

Most foodies love Indian food and for good reason: it is highly versatile, most of it is easy to make, and it is just plain delicious. Indian, as a cuisine, is incredibly diverse, full of flavor, unique

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Black Hair Dye

Black Hair Dye: The Pure and Organic Option That’s Way Healthier for Your Hair

Whether we simply want to change our look for a period of time or we want to cover up those stubborn and ever-advancing gray hairs but retain a more natural black or dark brown hair color, hair dyeing

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Rasam Soup

Tomato Rasam Recipe: A Warm Meal that the Whole Family Can Enjoy

As the world becomes more globalized, our ability to try the foods of somewhere completely remote to us is easier than ever before. This is why Indian food is quickly growing in popularity in many Western

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Famous Recipe for Marinated Tofu

Being vegan might seem like a huge punishment to those of us that feel we could “never give up our meat,” but the truth of the matter is that eating meat is inherently going to have some negative effects

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Middle Eastern Spices That Take Boring Food to a New Level

Being able to make a great variety of dishes with cooking skill can be pretty important, but it’s the art of seasoning and flavoring foods that can make someone a great chef or home cook. Practice is

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Onion Pakoda: Our Favorite Recipe with Organic Spices

There’s something about enjoying a good fried food that can be so very comforting, especially on a cold and dreary winter night when you don’t want to do anything but relax! If you’re a huge fan

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Dabeli Recipe for Indian Food Lovers and Vegans

If you're a big fan of Indian food, it probably goes without saying that you're always waiting to find the next treat you can enjoy. Dabeli is the perfect snack food for both vegetarians and vegans and

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Sambar with Organic Spices is Your New Favorite Comfort Food

If you so happen to be one of those people who loves the colder time of year, then it’s always really exciting when fall and wintertime roll around again. Cooler temperatures call out for warmer, more

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