Jiva Organics Aritha Powder For Hair

  • 100% Pure and USDA certified Organic Aritha Powder
  • Contains Vitamin A, D, E and K that provide hair nourishment
  • Helps in treating fungal infection in hair and scalp
  • Consists of soap nuts that have natural skin conditional properties for sensitive skin
  • Aritha prevents your hair from dandruff, itching and dryness


Jiva Organic Aritha Powder is extremely beneficial for hair and also works as a mild cleanser which removes oil & grime from scalp & hair without destroying the natural pH balance. Jiva organic Aritha powder makes hair soft & easily manageable. Jiva Organic Aritha Powder is a natural product that provides amazing hair care required to your delicate hair strands. Aritha has been considered the best herb for hair care since ages making this product a perfect solution to get gorgeous hair naturally. Jiva Organic Aritha Powder adds a bouncy texture to your hair.

Additional information


3.5 Ounce


Organic by Onecert


Body accreditations number NPOP / NAB / 008


All Natural, No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

Manufactured & Packed

Product of India