Why Organic

What does Organic mean?

Organic means something that is created without using any chemical ingredients, artificial elements, or pesticides. It simply stands for products that are made with healthy ingredients and eliminating the existence of chemicals, pesticides or hazardous components in them.

Further, organic food is a type of food which is produced through organic farming that eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals. It has been suggested by many research studies that organic food consists of more nutritional value than traditionally grown food products. Organic is often synonymous with natural because in this method, the producers try to reduce the concentration of hazardous elements in the production process so that the crops and other agricultural produce then grown is quite free of any perilous substance or ingredient. This practice makes the food healthier and removes any detrimental toxins from the food.

Why Organic?

The reason why we chose organic as the essence of our products is because of our belief in providing our consumers with a healthy range of food products. Using organic ingredients and checking for any precarious elements in our products, we always ensure that our range of products promotes nutritious and chemical-free food eating habits. Organic food is replete with nourishment without the presence of any hazardous elements that can harm your health. Also, organic food as verified through many medical researchers is full of antioxidants which assist in removing the risk of getting several dangerous chronic diseases like cancer. Organic food is also believed to be healthy for growing infants and children as they are vulnerable to contracting diseases, so consuming organic food products with non-toxic ingredients helps in their growth with ensured immunity.

This is why we at Jiva Organics believe in offering organic and chemical-free products to assist you in implementing healthy eating without compromising with the delectability of the food you are consuming!