Jiva Organics Mustard Seeds

  • 100% USDA certified Organic Black Mustard Seedss
  • No salt, no MSG, no GMO, no ethylene oxide (ETO) treatment, non-irradiated
  • Packed in a resealable bag and sealed to preserve aroma, purity and to avoid any contamination
  • All natural, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added to it
  • Comprises of a spicy hot flavor and is used widely in Panch Phoran spice blend
  • Perfect for cooking fish, vegetables and meat curry dishes


Jiva Organics Black Mustard Seeds are one of the essential spices in several regional cuisines. These Mustard has a spicy hot flavor and is mostly added in panch phoran spice blend. This spice blend can be utilized to make fish, vegetables and other meat curry dishes. Black Mustard Seeds blended with a rustic aroma and spicy zest takes one to a taste heaven. The flavor of black mustard seeds is anything but plain. Add it to your recipes as a whole or in a powdery form, and it will make them yummy. Having cultivated throughout the country, only the best quality Mustard Seeds are handpicked and delivered by Jiva Organics.

Additional information


7 Ounce


Organic by Onecert


Body accreditations number NPOP / NAB / 008


All Natural, No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

Manufactured & Packed

Product of India