Jiva Organics Pure Ghee

  • 100% USDA certified Organic Pure Ghee
  • Gourmet artisan quality (At Jiva Organics, we make it in small batches on an open flame using only stainless steel stockpots)
  • Contains healthy fat-soluble vitamins that facilitate the absorption of nutrients in the body that are vital and essential for health


Jiva Organics Pure Ghee is made through a long intricate process in which we use the finest quality ingredients at every step! We begin with USDA Organic Butter which is put in stainless steel stockpots divided in small batches and put on an open flame. Then the butter is carefully melted, boiled and simmered at a low flame. After milk solids separate, the water begins to evaporate and the butter is simmered until these milk solids caramelize and settle at the bottom. Then the butter clarifies with time, changes into Ghee and is cooled, carefully triple filtered and then put into containers to provide it to your doorstep!

Additional information


8 Ounce, 11 Pound


Organic by Onecert


Body accreditations number NPOP / NAB / 008


All Natural, No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

Manufactured & Packed

Product of India