Jiva Organics Creamed Coconut

  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo, keto, organic & low sodium.
  • Our Jiva Organics Organic Creamed Coconut is the gourmet choice for soups, stews & smoothies and is very very tasty! It can be used as a concentrated coconut milk & replace dairy in sauces, curries, smoothies and other dishes.
  • Simply dissolve our creamed coconut in hot water and use as you would coconut milk—create less waste and make as you go! Try it instead of butter in your next ‘buttercream’ frosting or even replace it in dishes that call for coconut butter!


Jiva finely ground coconut milk powder comes from the western region of Sri Lanka, where coconut is grown using sustainable, organic methods. It is unsweetened and 100% natural, with 0g sugar no sulphites or preservatives. This unsweetened creamed coconut is concentrated form of coconut milk, and can be diluted to use the same way as coconut milk. It is excellent in soups, stews, smoothies and curries


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