Jiva Organics Arrowroot Powder

  • It is a 100% natural and vegetarian product. No chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, or dyes are used.
  • Arrow root is firstly handpicked and grinded under strict hygiene conditions. The product is then seal packed in a handy, reusable pet jar to retain the freshness, flavour and aroma of the product.
  • Arrowroot powder is fine, clear white, and odorless, and is used as a thickening agent in food industries.
  • It is also used in cookies and crackers as a substitute for regular flour and hence, is a great option for those who are gluten-intolerant.


Arrowroot powder is a starchy substance that’s extracted from the root of a tropical plant known as Maranta Arundinacea. When the arrowroot is harvested, it looks similar to other underground tubers such as cassava, yucca or kudzu, which are oblong in shape. Sometimes arrowroot powder is known as arrowroot flour or arrowroot starch and they’re all the same thing. It’s simply a white, powdery starch that’s naturally gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and paleo-friendly. Arrowroot powder is gaining in popularity (at least in the Western world) as people are looking for substitutes and alternatives to cornstarch, either due to corn allergies and sensitivities or to avoid anything GMO and pesticide-laden. If you would like to make things crispy or crunchy, arrowroot powder is great for that.


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