Jiva Organics Chicken Masala

  • It is 100% USDA certified Organic Chicken Masala
  • This delicious spice blend is perfect for making the perfect Chicken Curry, this powder is perfect for beginners or gourmet chefs!
  • Authentic recipe that contains a unique, select blend of spices to easily get the right flavor!
  • No cheap ingredients or fillers! No salt, MSG, or colors added!


Relive the authentic flavors of your favorite chicken with an organic hand-ground masala mix that aims to get the true taste and all the subtle flavors that go with it. now you can make every preparation a feast for the soul.

Specially created for Chicken lovers, this masala, has the right exotic blend of aromatic spices handpicked and some special authentic ingredients to make the taste of homemade chicken unforgettable. We blend the spices in a traditional way that imparts a wonderful taste.


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