Jiva Organics Coconut Cream

  • 100% ORG. and USDA certified COCONUT cream with 22% FAT
  • NO GUAR GUM, NO ADDITIVES/ preservatives added to it as We use only the natural coconut to produce our coconut cream. BPA FREE Cans.
  • Filled with the goodness of nature and FULL 22% FAT
  • Zero trans-fat, zero cholesterol, zero lactose, zero gluten
  • Can be consumed directly or in cooking


JIVA ORG. Organic coconut cream lends rich and creamy goodness to classic regional dishes, soups, curries, sauces. desserts and beverages. With a higher fat content then our Coconut Milk, it can be an ideal dairy replacement in numerous recipes. – Makes a delicious topping for fruit pies, cobblers, puddings and sundaes by using JIVA ORG. Organic coconut cream


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