Jiva Organics Coconut shredded

  • 100% ORG. COCONUT shredded
  • Filled with the goodness of nature
  • No additives / preservatives added to it
  • Naturally Gluten Free – Produced in a facility that only handles coconuts.
  • Can be consumed directly or in cooking
  • Raw & Unsweetened coconut shredded


As delicious as it is nutritious,Jiva Organic Shredded Coconut imparts a distinctive, pleasantly sweet flavor to baked goods, granolas, cereals, or wherever else you want it to be used. Jiva Organic Shredded Coconut goes beyond its popular range of cooking to elevate the tastes of Indian homemade recipes. This culinary delight carries a rich taste. This Shredded (Fine Dessicated) Coconut 12 ounce by Jiva Organics is an extremely high quality, full fat Coconut that is excellent for ice cream, baking, smoothies, and homemade coconut milk. Our shredded coconut makes the perfect coconut milk, cream & butter. Use it raw or toasted for desserts, bread and baked goods. Have with cold or hot cereal, make ice cream, use as a topping, and give a delicious body to smoothies


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