Jiva Organics Coconut chips

  • 100% RAW & Coconut chips
  • Filled with the goodness of nature
  • No additives / preservatives or SULFITES are added to it
  • Can be consumed directly or added with your favorite fruits, dry fruits, syrups, chocolate etc.


100% Organic Coconut chips contain no sweeteners, preservatives or whiteners. Add them to nuts and dried fruit to create wonderful trail mixes. Apply them to pastries and garnish your cakes to deliciously decorate your favorite baked goods. However, you enjoy them. Jiva Organic Coconut chips will quickly become a family favorite. These chips are created by carefully separating the rich, white meat from the shells of fresh, organic coconuts and slice it into tender flakes. Slow roasting can give the flakes a lovely warm glow and terrific, toasty taste. Jiva Organics Coconut Chips are a great alternative to traditional chips. Coming from the white flesh of the mature coconut, these coconut chips are gently dried to create a delicious crunchy texture while maintaining all the healthy fats and nutrients. It has all the health benefits of a whole coconut with the ease and versatility of a chip. Eat right out of the bag like we do, or add to granola, salads, and cereal for enhanced texture and flavor.


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